About our family

It started in the 1970s. Our Grandfather quit his corporate job, went out on a limb, & opened an unfinished furniture store. Our head of design (& everyone’s best friend) Carol Bolton fell in love with the guy who was intended to be the GM of the unfinished furniture store, which led to many miles traveled and many home furnishing stores opened. It led Carol to a love for adventure, beauty, & craftsmanship, admired by world renowned designers and brands throughout the globe.

Fast forward a few decades. Ezra Proch, Carol’s nephew, grew up dusting display cases & rearranging books on shelves. Somewhere along the way, he & Carol (along with Ezra’s brother Asa & Asa’s wife Natalie) came up with the idea to design pieces for homes that are meant to last a lifetime (or maybe a few lifetimes) & add value to family life. Whether it’s a dining table you’re gathered around or a light that illuminates your kids living room puppet show, each piece is meant to spark conversation and be passed onto the next generation. From one family to the next, just like we’ve done with ours since the 1970s.